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Indumati Goudappa

Varsha is very professional trainer. Individual care has been taken throughout the class. She covers all types of yoga exercises which helps to keep healthy body and mind. Her nutrition diet helped lot to loose 7kgs weight in 4-5 months and keep me light and fit all day. Thanks for all her guidance and support.

Meenakshi Rawal

I had taken prenatal training with Varsha and will highly recommend her to all seeking personal training especially during pregnancy. Because of her skilled training, constant motivation and guidance I was able to gain the right amount of weight during my pregnancy. I was amazed at the fitness I was able to maintain throughout my pregnancy and it also helped me a lot during post pregnancy recovery.

Varsha is a great trainer and caters to your fitness goals based on your needs.


She is an amazing person , she lifts your mood , energy and makes you fall for yoga. She has been a great game changer in my life.

Indra Ramesh

She is an awesome professional. Does it on bang. One after the other. Crisp and sharp commands. Adds variety on a daily basis. Never feel bored or monotonous.

swarna shashi bhaskara

Amazing online and offline classes.

Varsha understands the health background of the person attending the classes before enrolling them and customizes yoga what is appropriate for them.

Personal attention and concern if missing classes.

Love to attend Varsha's classes.

Dr Swarna Shashi Bhaskara

Deepak NG

Very professional yoga classes (online / offline) 😊 and also therapeutic yoga for young and aged.

suhasini urs

She is very professional and conducts classes really well.

Subramanya NG

Dedicated and Professional coaching for improving health, stamina, rejuvenation of body flexibility..

Manoj Nagpal

For the best coaching to enhance your strength, stamina, flexibility and fitness levels.

Bhanushree Sg

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Classes are so good!

yogaguru Guruprasad

Nice place 👍🏻

Goipinath S.J

Excellent teacher.

Veena S

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Very professional...

Shreepal N G

Positive: Professionalism

Very professional..